With business in Italy and the UK, I have close links and interests with both countries. My family background further strengthens these ties. I was therefore very pleased to take on the role of Chairman of the Club di Londra.
The Club was founded in 1986 to strengthen ties between Italy and the UK and create a rallying point for Italians living in London.
With Brexit creating a new relationship with the European Union, it is all the more important that the historic interchange between Italy and the UK continues to be enhanced.
The Club meets through organized social events and dinners to which eminent personalities from Italy and the UK are asked to speak to members and their guests on matters of political, cultural or business affecting the two countries.
If not a member already, I hope you will be encouraged to join and celebrate with me the strengths and attractions of both countries.

            Sir Rocco Forte – President

The Club’s Purpose and What It Does

Club di Londra was originally set up in London by many representatives from the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK in 1986. Those members included the likes of William Middleton, Giorgio Cefis, Paolo Filo Della Torre (the late and very charming UK correspondent of the La Repubblica publication), Carlo Colombotti (senior partner of Amhurst Brown Colombotti solicitors), Massimo Coen (the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK former President), Leonardo Simonelli (the Italian Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the UK President Emeritus), Rocco Forte (the Club’s current President) and Lord Charles Forte (Forte PLC’s Chairman).
The Club was created to strengthen and enhance the already strong ties that exist between the two countries.
As a result, Club di Londra began hosting various social events that were attended not just by members, but noteworthy and very prominent guests, who as part of their invitation were asked to give a talk or presentation on a specific subject of common interest to all in attendance.
We are a fully non-profit organisation whose activities are solely funded by its members through membership fees and voluntary donations, or by fundraising activities, such as events, publications etc. We do not operate like a business and are not funded by any profit-gaining activities.

The initiatives the Club was formed to achieve are fulfilling its key role as a bridge to ensure communication between the countries is as strong and productive as it has ever been.
It is important to note, that Club Di Londra is a politically independent organisation, therefore we are not as a body affiliated with one particular political party and we welcome members from all political persuasions.

Among the illustrious list of guests who have attended these events over the years, the Club has welcomed and enjoyed the company of: