In order to benefit from the many perks associated with the Club di Londra, you need to become a member.

Aside from sharing their membership with many other like-minded individuals and providing a platform for useful networking with people from all walks of life and different business and working backgrounds, there is one key benefit to membership with the Club di Londra.

As part of being a member of the Club, you get the benefit of an exclusive invitation to social dinners and events where key British and Italian figures from the entrepreneurial, academic, political and economic sectors appear and give talks and insightful and interesting addresses.

There are normally around 8 to 10 of these events every membership year.

become A MEMBER

Events and social gatherings arranged by the Club are exclusively addressed to its members.

Membership applications are considered by the council as and only when the prospective member has been recommended by two existing Club members. If you are interested in applying for a Club di Londra membership, please complete the application form below, including the names of your two proposers and send it to the Club for review.

The Club di Londra membership year runs from January to December.